What is the same meaning of residence?

What is the same meaning of residence?

What is the same meaning of residence?

welcome to our new article articlethis is ira and i'm marcus article articlewe are two foreigners who moved to article articleengland over 20 years ago article articlein our channel we want to talk about article articleeverything english article articleand england from the perspective of a article articleforeigner article articlechoosing accommodation is one of the article articletoughest decisions an international article articlestudent has to make before coming to the article articleuk article articleyou find yourself thinking over and over article articleall the options trying to make the right article articledecision article articlethere is a wide range of student article articleac

commodation options article articleand where you choose to live will impact article articleyour student experience article articlethere is no right or wrong decision you article articlesimply need to choose article articlewhat's best for you there are some article articledifferences depending whether you are an article articleadult article articleo

r a junior if you are booking an adult article articlecourse for yourself article articleor a parent looking for a program article articlefor your child it's worth investigating article articlewhere you could be living and which type article articleof accommodation will best article articlesuit your or your child's needs there article articleare se

veral options article articlenumber one homestay living with the host article articlefamily article articlenumber two residents on campus article articlenumber three residence of campus article articleand number four hotel accommodation but article articlethat is for adults only article articlehere are some pros and cons of each type article articl

eof accommodation article articlelet's start with the host family article articlestaying with the host family abroad is article articleprobably the most popular option for article articleinternational students article articlebefore you decide you should think about article articlethe downsides article articlealong with the perks of homestay to make

article articlethe best article articlechoice for you one advantage is the article articlelanguage immersion staying with the host article articlefamily means article articleyou will be speaking english more of the article articletime and article articlelearning with locals it encourages you article articleto article articlepush yourself out of th

at comfort zone article articleand practice your language skills article articleyou would have no other options but you article articlespeak article articleenglish every day living with the host article articlefamily article articleis a good way for you to truly master article articleenglish article articleas your host can be the best english artic

le articleteachers you would ever find article articleyou will learn all the conversation article articlephrases article articleidioms slang that are used article articleby english people in everyday life but article articlenever show up in your textbooks a host article articlefamily would definitely help you to article articledevelop your conversa

tional skills article articleand help to build confidence article articleeven if you were to only spend article articlean hour a day together at new times for article articletwo weeks article articlethat works out as an extra 14 hours article articlepotential conversation time article articlenot bad indeed in your residence article articleaccommoda

tion article articleyou will have less of an immersion into article articlethe english language article articleas there are no host parents around article articlehowever article articleyou will still be speaking a lot of article articleenglish article articleif you want to as most other students in article articlethe residence will be article artic

lefrom a different country than yours and article articlethere's only one language to be spoken article articleand that is english another advantage article articleof staying with a host family is article articlea cultural experience there is simply no article articlebetter way article articleto experience the british way of life article articletha

n article articleinvolving yourself in it as much as article articlepossible article articleby living like a local you completely article articlesoak up the culture article articlethat is famous around the world article articlesure you will experience your host article articlecountry's unique culture article articleno matter where you live but stay

ing article articlewith the host family article articleis the best way to be immersed in it you article articlewill learn about article articlethe daily routines how families interact article articleand even how they argue your host article articlefamily's lifestyle article articlewill be very different from your culture article articlebut you migh

t be surprised how similar article articlethey are article articleto your own family once you get to know article articlethem article articlemost of all you'll get to feel like you article articlebelong in your host country article articleand see what it would be like to grow up article articleor live in your house country article articlepermanentl

y article articleof course there is less of an experience article articleof british life article articlewhen you are staying in residence article articlehowever article articleit's also important to mention that host article articlefamilies article articleare not all the same as with everyone in article articlelife article articlealso host families

are different some article articlewill article articletalk to you as soon as you enter the article articlehouse and won't stop until article articlethey have told you everything about article articletheir life and want to know everything article articleabout your life article articleothers hardly bring out a good morning article articleand goodbye

article articleit's simply good or bad luck how you article articlewill get on with the host family article articlewhen staying in a residence you won't article articlehave that problem article articleif you're staying in a residence off article articlecampus article articleyou usually have a room to yourself if article articleyou're a teenager ar

ticle articlethat can really help you becoming more article articleindependent and article articleconfident if you're an adult article articleyou can live your life the way you want article articleto live it article articleyou get to know there like a local article articlehost families will be able to point you article articlein the right direction

article articleof all the places whether for shopping article articleeating drinking sightseeing or trips article articlefor their field staying in the residence article articlemeans you have to find your own way and article articleexplore the surroundings article articlethat can be challenging to some and article articlesatisfying to others artic

le articleyou save money on food if you are an article articleadult as article articlethose residences are self-catering most article articleresidences for adults article articleare self-catered while the homestay article articleoptions article articleoffer half board during the week article articlebreakfast article articleand dinner and full board

breakfast article articlelunch article articleand dinner at the weekends meaning article articleyou'll be saving money on food article articleand enjoying loads of lovely home-cooked article articlefood article articlestaying in a residence for juniors will article articlealso include your food article articleusually from a buffet which can be nic

e article articleas you can choose what you like article articlein a host family you have to eat what's article articleon the table article articlestaying in a host family will give you article articlethe chance to talk to your family while article articlestaying in a residence might have you article articlespeak to people from other countries at a

rticle articleyour table article articlebut might not there might be more people article articlefrom your own country at your table article articlewhich will inevitably article articlemake you speak your language staying in article articlea host family article articlewill force you to speak english as it's article articlemost unlikely that your hos

t family can article articlespeak your language article articleliving with a host family is an article articleattractive choice for parents who want article articletheir children to be fed article articlefreshly cooked food and being supervised article articlehost parents can make you feel a little article articlebit less homesick too article artic

leif you've never lived outside of your article articleown home before article articlesome students become good friends with article articletheir host families article articleand stay in touch with them afterwards article articleliving with a host family article articleis usually cheaper than staying in the article articleresidence article articley

ou may spend a bit more on article articletransportation article articlebut with proper meals ready each evening article articlelaundry included and article articlerooms that are often bigger than most article articlestandard residence rooms article articleit's better value for money with the article articlehost family article articleyou have a fam

ily away from home article articlestudents normally enjoy staying with the article articlehost families article articlewhile residences can be brilliant for article articlemeeting article articleand spending time with other students article articlehomestays are unbeatable for immersion article articlein the language and culture article articleto re

cap homestay has loads of article articleadvantages article articlethe main advantage that you can article articleexperience article articlethe real british lifestyle with host article articlefamilies article articlefor example you will be able to know how article articlethey live article articlewhat they like and don't like how they article articl

eenjoy their life article articleand so on another advantage is you can article articlelearn british english from article articlechatting with your host family it helps article articleyou to improve your english article articleand to you improve your english speaking article articleabilities article articleon the other hand there are also some arti

cle articleimportant disadvantages article articlewhich are worth mentioning you could be article articlefar away from the city center most host article articlefamilies article articlelive in residential areas which are more article articleoften on the outskirts of town article articleit can take up to 45 minutes by bus to article articleget to the

city center article articleplus another 15-minute walk to get to article articleschool article articleif you want to roll out of bed five article articleminutes before school starts and article articlestill be able to make it on time staying article articlewith a host family article articlemay not be for you that's different with article articlere

sidences which are usually article articlelocated near the town center or close to article articleschool article articlewith host families you might have less article articleprivacy article articleyou will certainly have your own room as article articlean adult unless you choose to share article articleor if you're a child or teenager or article ar

ticleusually put together in shoes article articlebut you will have to share the rest of article articlethe house including bathroom article articlekitchens internet with your host family article articleyou have to follow house rules if your article articlehost family article articlealways sits down and has dinner at article articlesix o'clock you

may be expected to do so article articleas well your host family may have a set article articleof house rules article articlethat are totally different from what you article articleare familiar with article articleit will be difficult to stray from the article articleroutines you grew up article articlebut you have to be prepared for it if article

articleyou choose to live with a host family article articleadditionally if you are unnarrating article articleexpect strict curfews that means a time article articleset for you to come back home article articleafter all your host family is article articlecontractually obliged to ensure your article articlesafety article articleeach host family has

their own household article articlerules article articleand you may not like some of them there article articlecould be a curfew article articleyou might not be allowed to prepare your article articleown food in the kitchen article articleor bring friends around remember article articleyou are only a guest in the house when article articlestaying

in a residence article articleand you are around 18 you will also have article articlea curfew article articlebut otherwise you will be more free to article articlemeet and see your friends article articleyou may not be allowed to bring your article articlefriends to your host family article articleor visit your friends in a host family article art

icleif you want to invite your friend over article articleyou will have to ask your host parents article articlefor permission article articleit can also be difficult to visit your article articlefriends after school article articleif they live on the other side of the article articletown article articlewell the food some article articlepeople may

find british food bland article articleboring and weird the home home-cooked article articlefood in your host family might article articlenot be to your taste however article articleas mentioned previously when living with article articlea host family article articleyou have to eat what's on the table article articlein a residence with food you usu

ally article articlehave a choice of food article articleas it's been provided in form of a article articlebuffet article articleif you are an adult staying in a article articleresidence without food you simply article articlecan go and buy the food you like article articlealthough you can experience british life article articleliving with a host f

amily these are article articletotally different styles article articledepending on the family so you can't be article articlesure whether you will get on with your article articlefamily or not article articlehowever it could be that even if you article articlelike the family article articleyou may not like their cooking or some article articlehost

families take article articleon three four students at the time article articlethis means that the family home may have article articlemore of a student's article articlebed and breakfast feel to it a host article articlefamily article articlecould be an older couple rather than a article articlefamily with the younger or teenage article articlech

ildren article articlethis is because elderly couples children article articlehave usually left home article articleand they're now hiring the rooms out to article articlemake an extra income or simply wishing article articleto have a company in their house article articlea general word about host families article articleyou may have noticed that w

e didn't article articlealways say article articlehost family but used the word homestay article articleinstead article articlethe reason for that is that the british article articlecouncil article articlechanged their rules some years ago and article articlelanguage schools article articleare since not allowed to say host family article articleas

this suggests a family life which is article articleoften not the case article articlelet's be honest most host families only article articlebecome a host family article articleto make some money of course there are article articlealso article articlesome host families who really enjoy article articletaking phone students but article articlemost ju

st do it for the money if they article articlehave a spare room taking students all article articleyear round article articlepays enough to pay for a family summer article articleholiday and article articleall christmas presents that is not article articlenecessarily a bad thing article articlebut you should be aware of it it's also article article

very common for article articlemany families not to eat together at the article articledinner table it's absolutely normal for article articlea man article articleto eat on his own in the lounge watching article articletv article articlewhile the host mother will be spending article articlesome time with students in the kitchen article articlebut a

gain all families are different article articleabsolutely article articlehere's some advantages about staying in article articlethe residence article articleit's easier to make friends you're article articlesurrounded by people your own age article articlewho are all in the same boat although article articleyou may not have the same article article

interests you live with each other article articleand therefore have more opportunity to article articlecreate that strong friendship article articleanother advantage is distance article articlewhen you live in a college residence article articleeverything is at your doorstep article articleyou won't have to wake up extra early to article articlewa

lk or take the bus to school each article articlemorning article articlealso another advantage is nicely cooked article articlemeals article articleliving on campus means you can eat for article articlefree article articlein one side cafeteria there is always a article articlewide article articlechoice of delicious freshly prepared article articled

ishes for article articlebreakfast lunch dinner so you don't have article articleto spend time buying food article articlecooking it and doing the washing up article articleunless you choose to save article articleto stay in the self-catering article articleaccommodation article articleanother advantage there are cleaners article articlethey keep m

ost things clean so article articleyou don't have to your room is article articleusually cleaned once per week article articlethere's so much to do someone will article articlealways have a article articlebrilliant idea for how to avoid article articlestudying health and safety standards article articleare upheld if this is the worry of yours artic

le articleor your parents article articleforget it because university or college article articleresidences will have strict article articleguidelines to abide by group leaders article articleand resident staff are always around to article articlehelp us article articlethey're in the same floor or building as article articleyou that applies to junio

rs article articleit's more than uncomfortable modern article articlecollege residences article articleare designed for comfort with all the article articlefacilities you need article articlesuch as laundry rooms wi-fi article articleand common areas where you can hang out article articleto watch tv with other students article articlemost bedrooms

have ensuite bathrooms too article articleunfortunately there are also some article articledisadvantages article articlewith residences first of all article articleit's more expensive than homestay article articlepeople are untidy messy for example in a article articleshared kitchen facility for adults article articleor a shed bathroom for juniors

article articlealso there will be some distractions and article articleconstant noise article articleit's difficult to get any alone time on article articleone hand article articleyou can be sure that someone is always article articlearound to hang out with article articlebut the opposite can be true too article articleif you need to alone time it

can article articlesometimes be hard to find article articleor difficult to assert your needs to article articleyour new friends article articlethat you want to impress you can't article articlechoose your article articleroommates you could be really lucky article articlepleasantly surprised or absolutely article articledespise your new flatmates a

rticle articlehowever it's fairly simple to request to article articlechange holes article articleif the situation gets really bad article articleand the same applies to staying in a article articlehost family article articleas a junior you will share the room with article articlesomebody else article articleand you don't know whether you will like

article articlethem article articleor not article articlestudents steal intentionally article articleand unintentionally depending on who article articleand how many people you live with article articlepossessions article articleleft in public spaces like the kitchen article articlewill probably get used or taken article articlelet's talk about ho

tels or flats article articlethis is an accommodation type for adults article articleonly article articlethe advantages are obvious it's the most article articleindependent type of accommodation just article articlelike you on holiday article articlehowever it's also the most expensive article articleoption article articlethis accommodation type re

ally suits article articleonly some article articleolder students who are not interested in article articlemaking friends and article articlerather live their own life let's sum it article articleall up article articlewhile you're the best judge of what type article articleof accommodation would suit you the best article articlewe are trying to pro

vide a helping hand article articleso article articlethat you make the right decision your article articledecision article articleon whether or not to opt for a specific article articletype of accommodation article articlemust depend on the following aspects article articlefirst of all article articlelocation is it important for you to stay article

articlein a close proximity with the school or article articleare you willing to travel would you be article articlehappy article articleliving in a hustle bustle of the city or article articlewould the outskirts suit you better article articlesecondly lifestyle article articleare you a social individual or do you article articlelike article artic

lespending time by yourself are you very article articleindependent or article articledo you need someone to care about you article articlethirdly affordability with a wide article articlearray of options available budget article articleproves to be a major factor in deciding article articlethe kind of accommodation you wish to article articleopt f

or article articlehomestay is usually cheaper than article articleresidential accommodation article articleand a lot cheaper than hotel article articleaccommodation article articlethat's it for today hope you have found article articleour video useful please don't forget to article articlelike this video article articleand to subscribe to our chann

el bye for article articlenow article articlebye bye article articlethere is a wide range of student article articleaccommodation options article articleand where you you choose to live article articlechoose an accommodation is one of the article articletoughest decisions article articlehere some pro article articleyou will learn all the conversati

on article articlephrases article articleidioms slangs article articleyour host family your host families article articleliving with a host family is an article articleattractive choice for parents article articlewho want their children to be article article[Music] article articlesome students become good friends with article articletheir host fami

lies article articleand stay in touch with them afterwards article articleit's more economical living with the article articlehost family article articleis with the house family article articlewhen staying in the residence and you article articleare on the 18th article articleyou will also have a course curfew article articlewell the food well arti

cle articlethe well article articlethe food no well stop it article articlepays enough to pay for a family summer article articleholiday and article articleall christmas parents parents but the article articleopposite article articleso i said like a barcelona opposite article articleare you a social individual or do you article articlelike article

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